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Camp Rules

  • Children are to be dropped off between 8:30 and 8:50 AM and picked up between 4:30 and 5:00 PM.

  • Children are required to stay the entire day unless there are special circumstances preventing them from doing so.

  • A child who refuses to behave will need to picked up by their parent immediately.

  • Unless specifically prohibited, children will be photographed during the Camp. These photos will not appear on Social Media but will be used solely by Lighthouse Fellowship Napoli for internal publications.

  • A nutritious cold lunch must be provided for each child every day by their parents. There are no facilities at the Camp to heat up a lunch.

  • Depending on governmental regulations, a face mask may be required for the child while attending the Camp.

  • If a child becomes injured at the Camp, parents will not hold the Camp responsible for the injury since the Camp will take all necessary precautions to keep each child safe throughout the day.

  • If any of these rules are broken, the child will not be allowed to return to the Camp.

  • Parents are welcome to attend the closing rally each day at 4:00 PM. However, due to space limitations, parents may not stay at the Camp during the day.

For more information call 081 185 16319

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